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At this time we are only accepting profiles from USA (Citizens and Green Card holders only, no H1, F1, L1, OPT/CPT or B1), Canada (Citizens and Permanent Residents), Citizens of Singapore, Canada, Australia, Europe, UAE, Dubai and a few other countries outside of India.

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Namaskaram Bhanu garu:
Naa peru Malathi Jandhyala. Mee site ‘Kalyana Vedika’ dwara maa abbaiki sambandham kudirindi. We found very good family. Last Friday engagement ayyindi. Memu mee site gurinchi and mee gurinchi matladukonnam. We sincerely thank you and the site administrators.
Best Regards

Hi Bhanu garu,
My name is Sudha Vijapurapu. I had registered our daughter, in Kalyana Vedika a couple of years ago,  I am very happy to inform you that we just got our daughter’s engagement done with a family that we met through Kalyana Vedika. The engagement went very well. All of us are very happy and looking forward to the wedding next year. I thank you and your excellent team for all the effort you have put into this to bring families like ours together. May God bless you all for everything you are doing for our community. Thank you once again for everything 🙏